Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What is a HOBBY anyway?

There it was, staring me in the face and I had "the deer in the headlights" look on my face.  The question on the sheet was asking "What are your hobbies?" 
What exactly is a hobby and who has time for a hobby anyway?  Such a silly question...I can't even imagine trying to fit something "for me" into my schedule.  So doing dishes, laundry, yard work, housework aren't considered hobbies, helping kids with homework, being a personal taxi for them, etc? 

What is it that I would enjoy doing?  I like reading and have read quite a few books...wait, let me rephrase that, I have started quite a few's the finishing part that I struggle with.  Honestly, when I find myself making time to read is when I am crawling into bed.  Getting cozy and comfortable and then reaching for the book of interest at that time.  Typically within a few minutes, maybe five minutes max, I am already dozing and the book continues to fall forward and hit me in the face.  I get a few pages read, none of which I can remember of course, as I was fighting to try and keep my eyelids open. 

My, oh so helpful hubby suggested "Why don't you try hunting or fishing as a hobby?"  Let's see, getting up before the chickens even THINK about rolling out of bed, putting on about 8 layers of clothing until you feel like a big old marshmallow and can hardly move.  Then opening the front door to leave to find it is STILL dark out and it is icycles on your nose kind of cold.  He looks over at me and says "Isn't this GREAT!!"  You have got to be kidding me!! 

So there we were, out in our "jill boat" (it is supposed to be a "jon boat" but I decided to rename it since I was with this time.)   I have never been on water when it is PITCH BLACK was scary and Og (my hubby) must have had night vision goggles on, that I hadn't noticed, as he said he was able to see where we were going.  I am still waiting for the "fun" part of this adventure to begin.  We went quite a way across the lake and then the motor stops.  I started panicking just a bit, okay a lot.  Silly me, this is the spot where we needed to strategically place the decoys....did I mention it was still DARK out?  I was instructed on how to throw the weight out along with the duck decoy.  After two attempts, and the decoy landing a great distance of about a foot or maybe two, away from the boat, I was voted off of the "placing decoys" committee.  Did you know you were supposed to be QUIET when you are hunting?  I finally have some time to talk with Og, free from childrens interruptions and I have to be quiet?  It shouldn't be a difficult task but IT WAS!  It wasn't long before I was picking up a few decoys and making them talk to Og, right by his ear, then whipping pieces of cattails at him.  I wasn't talking, I was just keeping myself occupied.  Then, as all women need to when it is least convenient, I needed to go to the bathroom!   At this point, I think my hubby was regretting ever trying to help me search for a hobby. 

It is kind of weird but I haven't ever been asked to go duck hunting again.  I have no idea why :)

A hobby, I am learning, is something that is NECESSARY as a release, a time to regroup, something that you ENJOY doing, something that gives you a chance to BREATHE and relax

At first I felt VERY GUILTY for thinking it would be okay to take some time for me.  But what I realized is I NEEDED it and quite frankly everyone DESERVES some time for YOU!  I am a giver and a people pleaser, these are two qualities that can consume you if you aren't careful.  As I am getting older, maybe finally growing up even, I am realizing more and more that I need to take time for me.  If I don't take care of me, I will not be able to give or help others.  It is as simple as that.  WE, are better wives and mothers, better women in general, when given a chance to recharge our batteries. 

And guess what, I found my hobby (no it doesn't involve duck decoys or 8 hours of marathon fishing in the sweltering heat) way to release, regroup and recharge my is through painting...through creating...that is MY THERAPY and I LOVE every second I get to spend with my hobby :)


  1. The whole story about duck hunting is hilarious! I went fishing with Scott and some friends once. It was raining. They were content. I was cold and wet. I finally had to tell them to bring me back to the dock, I couldn't stand it anymore! I went shopping at a bunch of junk shops. It was MUCH more fun! LOL!

    You paint away pretty lady! I can't wait to see what creations you make. :)

  2. You TOTALLY had me giggling with this one...I could see you "staying quiet"...cracked me UP!!!
    LOVE your creation by the way and you figured us crazy stampers's not crafting...IT'S THERAPY :) Beautifully wonderful ME TIME!! Enjoy it lady....YOU DESERVE it :)

  3. Thanks :) Trust me, there are a LOT more crazy stories to come. I am happy to hear that it made you giggle :)