Monday, November 29, 2010

Some GOOD genes!

I shared in a past post that I had finally found a hobby that was for me, just for me...painting.  It is my release, my time to just relax, clear my mind and just create.  It is my therapy.  I am not saying that I am really good at it...I am saying that it brings me joy and having a hobby has become quite necessary in my life.  I discovered this passion of mine, in April, at a conference.  I learned that it has been hiding, deep within me, for a very long time. 

 My mom, whom I LOVE dearly, is an art teacher.  She is very talented and I grew up with art in my life.  My older sister is crafty as she designs her own jewelry.  My younger sister graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art Design...needless to say she has a LOT of ART GENES!!  

Growing up, I often joked that my mom forgot to share some of those creative artsy fartsy genes with me...did she have to save them all of for my younger sister and completely skip me?? 

My mom taught art in the school that I attended (and still does).  Heaven for bid I would take a class from my mom, other than the art classes that were mandatory in junior high.  I wasn't about to endure endless heckling from fellow classmates if anyone discovered I might want to actually take an art class from my mom and I might actually enjoy art.  Apparently when you are related to the teacher, you automatically get an A (or that is what kids would tease anyway). 

I wanted to make sure that others wouldn't think this of me, so I CHOSE to take "Small Gas Engines" my senior year of high school, instead of Art with my mom.  I was the only female, 17 guys and I were going to learn about honing cylinders, taking a lawnmower engine apart and putting it back together.  WOW!  That was quite an experience and my parents will tell you that their push mower never ran the same :) 

If I could go back, I would take my mom's art classes, as this would have helped me discover that I really do like creating!  Instead, I ran from it as I had convinced myself that I didn't have one ounce of creativity in my body. 


Last week, I decided to pull out my acrylic paints and make a few "Thanksgiving" gifts for my mom and my two sisters.  I created something for each one of them.  I began with a very simple piece of "raw" wood from Walmart.  (Super inexpensive at only $1.50 each.)

This was for my older sister, Stephanie

For my much younger and trendy sister, Rachel

For my dear mamma
as I am SO THANKFUL for ALL that she does!

All 3 side by side

And my human art easel, Nathan (my younger son)
who wanted to help and thought he should be in the picture too!

They were super fun and super easy to make. 

My older son, Kirk, looked at each one...he then looked at me and said "Mom, do you know what?...I think Grandma is going to be really proud of you!"  This melted me. 

My mom would be proud of me.  Those words resonated within my heart and a feeling of joy filled my soul. 

Painting.  Creating.  It is my release, my therapy and I LOVE IT!


  1. pretty, michelle! lovin' those stamps! i agree with kirk - those are something to be very proud of!

  2. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS Michelle! I LOVE your artistic are one TALENTED CHICK! ...haha, and thanks for the laugh - you took WHAT? small gas engines...YOU GO GIRL!!! :)

  3. Gorgeous ART Michelle!
    I do remember that excitement back in April, I love that I could be there to share it with you!

  4. These are so beautiful! I love that you are exploring your artistic self and allowing your hobby help release emotions that are otherwise at war inside. It's funny because I can totally relate to what you said about your mom. My mom was always painting, crafting and creating - but in her own style. I swore off crafting for that reason - my mom did it and I thought it was so un-cool. And look at where I ended up. :) It all comes full circle the artist always finds the creative path she's destined for. Enjoy the ride. You are a beautiful person! ~ Angelica :)